Service Overview

Masonry tinting is the process of changing the colour or appearance of masonry surfaces. We use ColorTrete to blend mismatched brickwork, mortar beds, blockwork, concrete, brick chips etc. ColorTrete is different to paint as it soaks in and penetrates the surface to crystallise within so rather than sticking to the surface, our mineral paints go through a chemical reaction that permanently locks the colour in – simply put, they become part of the masonry.
Because ColorTrete is comprised of natural minerals, it leaves the surface in a breathable state allowing internal moisture to evaporate normally. Our pigments are natural inorganic iron-oxides that are impervious to UV, allowing our tints to maintain their rich and vibrant colours. Our products come with a 10 year replacement warranty and have a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years or more, with no maintenance, call today for more information.
Our ColorTrete tint Is effective on brick, mortar joints, concrete, stone, precast & other masonry surfaces. In some cases we can repair and colour match damaged bricks or blocks If a masonry surface can absorb water, It will take our stain.

What makes ColorTrete Different from paint?

Mineral-based stains function differently than acrylic or latex paint. Rather than sticking to the surface and forming a film (like paint), our stains soak into the surface, crystallize within it, and become a permanent part of the masonry structure. ColorTrete does not crack, fade or peel.

colortrete is: