Brenchleys Building supplies

Brenchleys is a closely affiliated company with Mitre Clean, is the national distributor of groundbreaking chemical technologies for the construction industry. These highly effective, environmentally friendly, and safe products offer innovative cleaning solutions tailored to the needs of the industrial and construction sectors.

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Brenchleys Building Supplies

BARRATEC - Green Mortar Remover

Mitre Clean's closely affiliated company, Brenchleys has pioneered the use of Barratec, the most potent and safest green acid in Australia. This innovative solution effectively mitigates acid-related damage to bricks, mortar, and surrounding areas. Barratec is eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-fuming, safe for users, and leaves brickwork looking radiant. Brenchleys Chemicals is proud to utilize the industry-leading Barratec to offer environmentally friendly brick cleaning services. But what exactly is Barratec? Green Mortar Remover is a genuine "green" environmental product designed to dissolve mortar smear and biodegrade within 10 days. This specialised chemistry is specifically created to replace highly toxic and unsafe acids commonly used on construction sites. Not only does Barratec address acid-related issues for bricks and mortar, but it has also successfully treated mineral staining and efflorescence. With a track record of over 30,000 projects in Australia, Barratec stands as a safe and effective green acid that has consistently delivered exceptional results. The environmental benefits of Barratec include: